laura-med Welcome to you. The foundation for my practice is a belief in the urge to healing and wholeness in each of us. In a session you have the opportunity to relax deeply into your own being, and from this place to come back into balance with yourself and the world. I help you find answers from within to your questions and concerns.

Whether our access is through your body in a Kairos session, through your imagination in a sandplay, or through the images in a Tarot reading, together we shine light on the rich darkness which is the source of your innate healing capacity. You will learn to soften into your experience, so that physical as well as emotional pain can be released, freeing you to feel more peace, self-confidence, and simple joy in being alive.

How Can I Help You?

You may have a physical symptom which can't be explained medically; you may be experiencing grief or anxiety that won't go away. Many of my clients suffered deeply in childhood. Some have exhausted their patience with talking about their concerns. You may be facing a major life change, or seeking inspiration for creative expression. Perhaps you are drawn to a depth exploration that you haven't had time for until now. Our work can be both a useful addition to psychotherapy, counseling, or medical treatment, and invaluable on its own.

Why Come to Me?

My practice is unique in offering three different non-verbal modalities to help you take the next steps in your growth process. Although all three are useful individually, it is often in combination that they are most effective, particularly in addressing a loss or wound that happened early in life before you could talk.